Friday, December 19, 2014

The Digital Age

I think we have begun to enter a new era. I would call it, probably, the digital era. I don't think that we have quite entered it yet, and if we have, we have only begun. Like this is the transition time between the past era and to the new one. Before it was only film, but now digital cameras have become a big thing and are being used more and more. It is an on going debate of whether we should stick to film or move forward to digital. I personally think it would be nice if we could keep both around, but for some reason that doesn't appear to be an option. Movies have taken a major technology advance, but not with just cameras but also computers and the internet. With the internet, you can watch anything if you look hard enough. There are sites everywhere, especially T.V. shows. It only takes 1 person to film it in a theater, record it from a DVD, and then just post it on the internet. Then it's out there and anyone can watch it. The internet has replaced movie theaters for most people, its turned into a kind of  movie theater, but it's free and so it appeals to a lot more people. Everything is just altogether more accessible to people. People can get editing software, cameras, and recording mics for not that much money. Everyone is creating now and trying to distribute.  We are being pulled into a new age/era.

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